Doctor for your Soul

Dr. med. univ. Si-John PARK

Specialist for Psychiatry and Psychotherapeutic Medicine



My Attitude

For most people mental illness is a difficult condition to cope with, as disorders of the “mind” can seem less tangible than other physical ailments. Consequently, one’s own intuition, knowledge and previous experience tend to reach their limits – a state that frequently goes hand in hand with a general feeling of overwhelm.

In most cases mental illness is the result of a complex interaction of biological, psychological and social factors. Providing a deeper understanding of this can help restore a sense of control over the situation.

My holistic approach requires not only a thorough diagnosis and patient information and education, but also a therapy that addresses a variety of different aspects. Medication, insofar as it is recommended, can only ever be one element of an overall treatment strategy.

This kind of high-value consultation requires time, which is sufficiently available to me within the framework of my work as an elective practitioner.

Main Areas of Practice

About Me

Born in Vienna I studied medicine in Vienna and completed my residency at Asklepios Fachklinikum Brandenburg near Berlin, where I was trained in the treatment of the entire spectrum of psychiatric disorders. At the same time, I trained as a psychotherapist at an institute for behavioral therapy. I then continued my work as a senior physician in the 4th psychiatric department of the then Otto Wagner Hospital in Vienna and accompanied its relocation to the Klinik Floridsdorf. As a next step, I joined an outpatient practice and the Crisis Intervention Center, where I am presently still active. Especially at the latter, I was able to considerably deepen my psychotherapeutic expertise.

Doctor's Fee

As an elective doctor (Wahlarzt), I will charge the fee directly to you.

You may submit the invoice to your health insurance company and will subsequently be reimbursed for the majority of the charge.




My practice is located close to the city center and can be easily reached via public transport. The closest metro stations are U1-Praterstern and U2-Taborstraße. O, 5 and 2 tram stations are also located nearby.